Sunday, 24 July 2011

Opepe parquet laying - Part 2

So, here is part 2:
After cutting your straight edge - allowing 2 blocks wide for the border - and trimming back the overlapped pieces, you then glue the border blocks into position, either forming mitres into the corners, or running straight into the right angle.

First sanding of the blocks

Once laid, leave the glue to go off, preferably overnight, because the sander is a big beast and ideally the glue should be well-bonded by the time you run it over the floor! So you sand the floor, at least 3 times, once with a heavy duty 30 grit, to level out the floor, remove the surface and scratches, then a 60 grit, then a fine 120, to get a smooth, fine finish.

Applying first coat of polish

This then gives you the surface for filling the small gaps that are unavoidable in reclaimed parquet floor laying, and become imperceptible once filled and once again sanded. Finally, the polishing, two layers, not put on too thickly, so you get a better surface, and hey presto! four days of serious graft and you have a fabulous floor. Simples.

Finished opepe floor

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